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Sleep Apnea Tests

A sleep test is usually done to help our board certified sleep physician evaluate your problem. This may include:

In-center overnight sleep study

This type of sleep study will be done in the comfortable environment of one of our sleep rooms at the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas. You will sleep with sensors attached to various parts of your body while a trained and certified sleep technologist oversees and records the sleep test. These electrodes record your brain waves, heartbeat, and breathing, among other things. Our physician would usually recommend this test for precise confirmation of sleep apnea and to diagnose other sleep disorders or other medical problems that may be complicating your sleep apnea. Our sleep physician may also recommend this test if the diagnosis of sleep apnea is not clear on clinical evaluation or if sleep apnea could not be confirmed after being tested elsewhere or with a home sleep test.

Home sleep test

Some patients with high risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea who have no other medical disorders may be a candidate for a home sleep test. This type of sleep study lets you sleep in the comfort of your own home while a machine collects information. The testing equipment differs in that it is less complicated than what is used in an overnight sleep study. Our knowledgeable sleep staff will help to hookup the electrodes or show you how to hook up the testing equipment yourself. Once you are finished, you can bring the device back to us and we can analyze the information to confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea.

While there are other types of screenings that claim to detect sleep apnea, none of these screenings can accurately detect and diagnose it. Beware of apps or other devices that have not been recommended by a board certified sleep medicine physician.

Once you finish your sleep test, our board certified sleep medicine physician may schedule a follow up appointment to discuss your diagnosis or the treatment plan.